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Auto Service

Lavagem Redpark

manual washing

- Complete Wash Platinum 40€

- Premium Complete Cleaning €20

- Express wash + vacuum 18€

- Interior Cleaning €10

- Exterior Cleaning €10

- Exterior Express Wash 8€

-Ecological Exterior Cleaning (dry) €10

- Upholstery Cleaning €90

- Vehicle disinfection €20

Pintura Redpark


- Ask for €200

- Complete. Price on request

Mecánica Redpark


We can solve your car's mechanical problems.

Prices on request.

Revisão Redpark


We service your car while you travel for €120

Sem esperas Redpark

no waiting

Don't wait even 1 second to deliver and collect your vehicle, just for €30.

Shuttle Redpark


Shuttle service from the park to the airport and vice versa for just €10

Serviço Vip Redpark


VIP service from €50

Polimento Redpark


- Ask for €30

- Complete €150

IPO Redpark


We will take your vehicle to the Mandatory Periodic Inspection €60 (already includes the value of the inspection center fee).

Troca de óleo Redpark

oil change

We change your car's filter and oil.

Price on request

Check-up Redpark

check up

Check your vehicle for €30

Combustivel Redpark


Refuel your car with our fuel service for €20 plus its price

Gps Redpark


Know exactly where your vehicle is at any time, for just €1/day

Leve as cahves consigo

no keys

Travel and take your car key with you from €30

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